Mac Millar

Playing Position
  • Forward: Centre
  • Forward: Left wing
  • Midfielder: Attacking

12 years


Free Player

Playing level




My name is Mac Millar and I live in Australia. Football is my life, I love playing it, watching it and reading about it. While I do currently play at the highest level possible for my age, the National Premier League - I would still like to play at an even higher level. My most preferred position is Attacking Midfielder, yet I can also play Left Wing and Centre Forward. I enjoy watching Messi play - and I try to base my game off him, I constantly watch game reviews, looking at what he does - and how he does it. One day, I want to play for the Australian Socceroos, our national team. Again, I am passionate about football, and this really is what I want to do with my life. I am currently working on a video to show you below.

Player Details

  • Playing Level :
  • Rank :
  • Supports :
    Brisbane Roar FC (My Local team)
  • Play For:
    Brisbane City FC
  • Home Ground :
    CTM Stadium
  • Player Number :
  • Team Colors :
    Sky Blue(h), White(a)
  • Height :
    140 cms
  • Weight :
  • Availability :
    Free Player

Awards & achievements:

QLD State Championship Golden Boot

Trials & training camps:



  • Tricks :
  • Advanced dribbling moves
  • 360 spin by Zidane
  • Double cut move by Ronaldo
  • Double scissors move by Ronaldo
  • Fake kick move by Schneider
  • Nutmeg by Boukharii
  • Ronaldinho move
  • Stepover move by Pele
  • Stepover turn by Ronaldo
  • Juggling
  • Basic :
  • Basic dribbling moves
  • Directed control
  • Gathering ball while moving
  • Dribbling - running with obstacles
  • Crosses - short pass
  • Shooting
  • Volleys


Match Report

Match date Teams Score View Report
27-07-2015 Brisbane City FC vs Sunshine Coast Fire 2 - -- View Details


Team name Playing level Position Rank From To
Brisbane City FC pro Midfielder: Attacking player 01/01/2009 27/07/2015